The Chelsea H.R. Group Pvt. Ltd. was established during 2018 registered under the Government of Nepal, Department of foreign employment, Registration No. 1522/074/075 with an objective to arrange employment opportunity to our unemployed Nepalese workers, where the Nepalese workforce can and deliver sincere, loyal and dedicated skill to the valued clients.


Chelsea H.R. Group Pvt. Ltd, as per the clients’ requirements, supply all categories of skilled, semi-skilled, technical and professional human power to foreign countries. Founded with a vision of reducing the number of unemployed Nepalese and enhance the Nepalese economy, The Chelsea H.R. Group is committed to employ maximum number of competent Nepalese human power abroad.

We situate in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley, at Sinamangal, nearby the International Airport. Equipped with modern high standard equipment, our highly trained and dynamic staffs serve the Nepalese offering them secured and good job opportunities throughout the world. The firm is determined to provide prompt and quality service to our world-scattered clients, and Nepalese job seekers and employed ones.

Chelsea H.R. Group is supplying Nepalese human resources to abroad. We supplies all categories of skilled, semiskilled, technical and professional manpower based on the demand of our clients. We are functioning as a bridge between Nepali manpower and importing nations. We aim to export the competent manpower around the world as our per clients demand. The concept has its root in employing maximum number of unemployed Nepalese youth to reduce the increased unemployment of our country, It is the major objective behind the birth of Chelsea H.R. Group Pvt. Ltd. We are operating from heart of the city, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal, near to our International Airport with complete facilities and equipment which an international standard human resource organization requires, the Chelsea H.R. Group Pvt. Ltd. explores employment to thousands of Nepalese youth every year. It reserves a complete solution of human resource.

We source our manpower through advertisement and through our official channels for semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. We headhunt to meet the demand of highly technical and professional manpower. Today, a huge number of such manpower through our organization providing quality and prompt services. The Chelsea H.R. Group Pvt. Ltd. has a quality of trained staff and management with swift service aimed at our consumers across the world. manpower from Nepal. The organization responds all enquiries relating to the Nepal.